Poet’s Beach

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A couple weeks ago I visited Poet’s Beach, a newly developed section of South Waterfront Park. It was early morning, sunny, and I had the place all to myself. It’s pretty crazy having a beach under a major freeway! But … Continue reading


To People Who Think They Don’t Like Bugs and Other Tiny Creatures

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Last week a friend gave me a copy of a book that he wrote. I had not known that he’d written a book, which says a lot about the kind of person he is. His name is Warren Hatch, and … Continue reading


A Barge is Born

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For several decades the Zidell Marine Corporation has resided close to downtown Portland. It is now adjacent to Oregon Health Sciences University’s sparkling fresh South Waterfront campus. I like this picture that shows the rusty old crane next to the … Continue reading

Anti-Racist vs Non-Racist

This is an excellent article by Rev. Fred Hammond in Alabama. I am posting it here in Southwest Portland, Oregon in hopes of sharing the weight of the struggle and his spirit of hope across the miles.

A Unitarian Universalist Minister in the South

I came across the following article today:  “I don’t trust white people, even the liberals, and science backs me up.”   It is a good article that exposes the difficulty white people have after 400 years of white supremacy immersion to behave in ways that are non-racist.  The good news is the science this author is citing is behavioral science and not science like the immutable laws of science, such as the law of gravity. This means that white people can change their behaviors and become non-racist.

Non-racist?  I do not see too many people in the anti-racism work talking about being non-racist.  They mostly use the term anti-racist.  So what is the difference?  Actually there is a huge difference.

My taking action as a white ally in a Black Lives Matter protest is an anti-racist action.  I am standing in solidarity against the racism that has been institutionalized in our criminal…

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Trail from Corbett to Terwilliger

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Sometimes it is not easy to be a pedestrian in southwest Portland. Streets can be steep, narrow, winding, and without sidewalks – no problem for cars but treacherous for walkers trying to share the road. Thankfully there are alternatives. The … Continue reading



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Along Terwilliger Parkway yesterday many trilliums were out. It is always a privilege to see them because they don’t last long and they are gorgeous! Each one has slightly different coloration, from dark purplish-pink to almost white. To learn more … Continue reading


Public Gathering Spaces

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What is the SoMa EcoDistrict? SoMa is shorthand for “South of Market” which is the Portland State University area. “EcoDistricts are neighborhoods committed to accelerating sustainability that integrates building and infrastructure projects with community and individual action.”  The SoMa EcoDistrict has a … Continue reading