House Colors II

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On a short bus ride home from work the other day, I sat with a neighbor and we had a lovely conversation. Topics included the mega-murder of crows that roosts downtown each evening, how to get reimbursed by the Portland … Continue reading


The Enclave, and Arlene and Harold

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The Portland Art Museum is showing The Enclave by Richard Mosse through April 12. It is an amazing multi-sensory experience that brings visitors into the Democratic Republic of Congo and challenges them to consider how it is to spend a life in … Continue reading


Doing the Laundry

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A couple times a year I take the comforters from the beds, load them in the car, and wash them at the laundromat in Hillsdale. Today I got there with the quilts, but forgot to bring a book. So I … Continue reading


Winter Solstice Walk

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I walked to the store this afternoon and noticed several interesting things along the way. There was this warning on Saltzman Trail: I could see no tree falling over, so I continued along Saltzman Trail, the path I wrote about a … Continue reading


Standing with Struggle

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I just read this article describing how five members of the St. Louis Rams football team walked on to the playing field today with their hands in the air, a gesture that now means, “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” as a show of … Continue reading


On Wednesday Everything Was Art

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Two days ago, on the day before Thanksgiving, I noticed that downtown Portland had been transformed into an art museum. There is always a lot of wonderful public art to see downtown, but two days ago art was everywhere, total … Continue reading


An Entirely New Blue

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On Wednesday I visited the Portland Art Museum’s newest exhibit: Hand and Wheel: Contemporary Japanese Clay. Among other things, it contains a small display of porcelain ware in the style called seihakuji. In this work I saw a portion of the electromagnetic … Continue reading