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Lunch Hour 4: What Is Street Trials?

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Yesterday I saw a young man performing amazing feats of gymnastics with his bicycle on top of this SW 5th Avenue sculpture. The bike itself was designed with no seat. Here he is taking a minute to assess the sculpture … Continue reading


Lunch Hour 3: February Flowers

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Today I walked up to Portland State University to look around. The weather was nice for this time of year, and students were outdoors, visiting with friends, laughing, talking. Couples were holding hands. People were standing in cheerful queues at … Continue reading


Out on the Town – Klovn and Korkage

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I had the pleasure of seeing Clown The Movie at the Portland International Film Festival last night. It is a Danish comedy that,  as one reviewer put it, “pulls few punches and shies from even fewer taboos.” I laughed and … Continue reading


Seeking Change, No Spange

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Downtown Portland is full of people wanting the attention of passers-by. There are musicians and other artists working for tips. There are homeless or poor or mentally ill or addicted who spange (spare + change). There are religious evangelicals. In … Continue reading


Lunch Hour 2: Art at PAW Building Site

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There are so many things to happily stumble upon in downtown Portland. One of my favorites is finding art in surprising places. This week I came across the construction site for the Park Avenue West office building. Construction of this … Continue reading


Old Tree

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I met a neighbor today. Phil has started removing an enormous big leaf maple tree from the front yard of his home. The center has rotted, and it is time to cut it down, mainly for safety reasons. As Phil … Continue reading