IMG_4137_2I grew up in Southwest Portland, and now live, work, and volunteer here.  I like pondering neighborliness and community, the ways people come together in public spaces, and how people interact with their environment. Quirky, happy, nondescript, or surprising things capture my imagination. I am drawn to places that are so unremarkable that they are typically ignored.

Southwest Portland is sometimes thought of as a place where the wealthy live in exclusive hillside mansions, or as a land with beautiful yet treacherous roads full of switchbacks and inexplicably dead-end streets. But an attentive disposition will find much to appreciate and explore in its neighborhoods, where innovation and community co-mingle with their surroundings, creating a landscape of uniquely Portland – and distinctively Southwest Portland – character. My goal is to use this blog, that is based on my personal experience, to convey how it feels to live here.

Please note: I was just told by a good friend (the kind who lets you know if a button on your shirt is undone) that there are ads running on my blog. I do not make any money from those ads, and I don’t want them to be here, but I am not willing to pay the $30 for the advertisement-free version of WordPress. Thank you for bearing with my frugality. Also please note that I hold the copyright to this blog. You are welcome to link to it; I only ask that you acknowledge me as the creator. Thank you for reading, and for enjoying Southwest Portland.

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Thanks to the following people for their assistance:

Katy Rossing

Jack Rossing

Garry Rossing

Don Baack

Noticing SW Portland has been featured on OregonLive.com, and can be followed via Facebook and PortlandNeighborhood.com.


5 responses to “About

  1. Robert Hamilton

    Sheila just noted in an email this blog, one I will enjoy more once the @#$%^&*() taxes are done. Thanks so much for your help with the HNA minutes. We had a lively April 6 HNA meeting, as you can tell from Carolyn Raz’s notes and Rick’s Hillsdale News articles.

  2. Hi Lynn! Do you ever see the Horse Project tiny horses? They’re so cool! So very “Keep Portland Weird!” 🙂 Here are the ones in SW: http://www.horseproject.net/swpdx.htm


  3. Thank you for sending this link about the tiny horses in SW Portland. I look forward to visiting these locations to see them.

  4. Wonderful! I hope you share what you find in your always inspiring explorations of SW Portland! 🙂

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