At the PIFF

The Portland International Film Festival is happening now through February 21. Yesterday I saw two PIFF films and really enjoyed them both. Underdog is a Swedish film about a young woman who moves to Oslo looking for work, and the family she meets there. Timbuktu is a film from Mauritania that tells the story of a rural family trying to live in peace with the radical Moslems who are taking control of the region. PIFF is offering many films that sound interesting this year, and I wish I had time to see them all.

PIFF sells extra status to those who want it. As a “Director” or “Silver Screen Member” or some such thing, one enjoys reserved seats, no waiting in line, and more. I am a regular ticket holder with no special benefits, so I arrive early to get a good seat and maybe chat with interesting people who are also waiting in line. To me, this is part of the experience, even on a rainy night. I have three more PIFF films to see over the next couple weeks. Can’t wait.IMG_1822IMG_1821IMG_1827


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