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Trail from Corbett to Terwilliger

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Sometimes it is not easy to be a pedestrian in southwest Portland. Streets can be steep, narrow, winding, and without sidewalks – no problem for cars but treacherous for walkers trying to share the road. Thankfully there are alternatives. The … Continue reading



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Along Terwilliger Parkway yesterday many trilliums were out. It is always a privilege to see them because they don’t last long and they are gorgeous! Each one has slightly different coloration, from dark purplish-pink to almost white. To learn more … Continue reading


Public Gathering Spaces

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What is the SoMa EcoDistrict? SoMa is shorthand for “South of Market” which is the Portland State University area. “EcoDistricts are neighborhoods committed to accelerating sustainability that integrates building and infrastructure projects with community and individual action.”  The SoMa EcoDistrict has a … Continue reading