Recommended Reading

A Kindred Spirit in Los Angeles

Noticing Koreatown – a beautifully written blog about a neighborhood in the heart of Los Angeles.

Southwest Portland News, Events, and History

Southwest Trails PDX (excellent information on local biking and hiking routes):

The 4T Trail (see the NSWP blog post on the 4T here):

Neighborhood Associations! Find them here:

The daily walks of a Hillsdale photographer:

KATU’s “hyperlocal” blogging service, featuring current news and upcoming events:

SW Portland coverage on

Portland History

Portland State University Professor Carl Abbott’s blog on Portland history, urban planning, and more:

Dan Haneckow’s excellent Portland history blog:

Great general resource on Portland history (check out their photo archive):

Historic preservation in Portland:

Pure Portland

Well-written blog about Portland:

The Portland Water Bureau’s blog:

This is one of my favorites:

Various very Portland topics:

A nice photo blog about Portland:

Walking in Portland. Of course.

Portland and More

Beautifully written, thoughtful, and inspiring:


2 responses to “Recommended Reading

  1. Lynn, do not know why I had not seen this before , this is a wonderful blog, very informative. Thanks for doing it. Don

  2. I consider that high praise! Thank you, Don.

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