The Enclave, and Arlene and Harold

The Portland Art Museum is showing The Enclave by Richard Mosse through April 12. It is an amazing multi-sensory experience that brings visitors into the Democratic Republic of Congo and challenges them to consider how it is to spend a life in a war zone. PAM describes The Enclave this way:

a multi-channel immersive video installation that reveals the sublime beauty of eastern regions of the Democratic Republic of Congo while simultaneously referencing the complex political, economic, environmental, and cultural issues that confront the war-torn African country.

Mosse chose Kodak Aerochrome film for this project. This film was used by the US military in World War II to locate camouflaged enemy camps by turning images of green plants and trees a bright shade of pink. It seems to me that Mosse uses the pink tones to show the twisted and complex relationship people have with nature, and in that way it works well. I hope to visit this show several times while it is here.IMG_1513 IMG_1516

One more thing about the Portland Art Museum. Arlene and Harold Schnitzer had works from their private collection on display here for the last couple of months. The event is now over, but I want to give them a shout-out for sharing it and “making glad” many days for me. Thank you.

Make Glad the Day by Michele Russo:IMG_1530


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