Doing the Laundry

A couple times a year I take the comforters from the beds, load them in the car, and wash them at the laundromat in Hillsdale.


Today I got there with the quilts, but forgot to bring a book. So I took a few pictures while I waited. The washers appeared ready for deployment:


This morning there was no rush. But an evening visit could have been very different:


Lots of loud banging noises came from this little room, but intriguingly, I never saw anyone in there:


Mid-century design, frequently seen in the Hillsdale neighborhood, is always interesting:


The bulletin board featured some local color. Nicely done, Westside Academy of Kung Fu for offering special rates to Hillsdale employees and college students!


According to its website, this church is a “self-governing missional Catholic community…not affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church,” and supports marriage rights for all:


This pet sitting business has had some takers:


Nannysaurus? Well…OK!


This person can care for children and pets – both children and pets at the same time that is, as this flier demonstrates:


I commend Matt for this simple, clear ad. Maybe he does marketing, too:


If a person were looking for more than just clean clothes, this laundromat might be a good place to look.

IMG_1494 IMG_1449 IMG_1468


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