Winter Solstice Walk

I walked to the store this afternoon and noticed several interesting things along the way. There was this warning on Saltzman Trail:


I could see no tree falling over, so I continued along Saltzman Trail, the path I wrote about a couple summers ago. When I arrived at Freddy’s I met a lovely gentleman who drives a TriMet LIFT bus and plays Santa on the side – for no charge:


I finished my shopping and headed home along Saltzman trail. But this time I saw the danger I had been warned about – a willow tree leaning dangerously over the path:


I suppose the wind storm we had a few days ago blew the tree into the fence, damaging it:


I passed through the danger zone safely, and then saw the earth in my neighbor’s garden:


Another neighbor was celebrating the miracles of Hanukkah with a menorah:


The neighborhood shelter was decorated for the season:


It had a new book – Puppies Are Like That:


And I noticed that my neighbors with the lovely seafoam shutters have placed a beautiful wreath on a bench that is not generally used in the winter time:

IMG_1320A walk of a few short blocks on the shortest day of the year. Happy Solstice!


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