On Wednesday Everything Was Art

Two days ago, on the day before Thanksgiving, I noticed that downtown Portland had been transformed into an art museum. There is always a lot of wonderful public art to see downtown, but two days ago art was everywhere, total visual design immersion. Maybe it was a quiet space just before the holiday hype, or the low sun? No. It’s always there, and there are just certain times I can see it.

IMG_0968Waiting for the MAX train with pink roses at the Pioneer Courthouse.

IMG_0971Woman With Curved Poofy Hair and Curved Poofy Jacket.

IMG_0913Sixth Avenue and Salmon Street Looking North.

IMG_0927The Congress Center.

IMG_0938Ticket Window of the Guild Theatre on SW Ninth Avenue.

IMG_0944Farmer’s Market in the Park Blocks with Amazing Braeburns to Taste.

IMG_0965Leg Sculpture.

IMG_0955Arm Sculpture.


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