Montessori Glass Classroom

On Wednesday I visited the 2014 Montessori in the Square. The exhibit featured three working, open-air Montessori classrooms, an amazing thing to see here in the boisterous heart of downtown Portland. I enjoyed the juxtaposition of people waiting for noisy MAX trains only a few feet away from Childpeace Montessori School‘s display.IMG_8680Other participating schools were Franciscan Montessori Earth School,IMG_8682Montessori School of Beaverton (so good to see you again, Emily!),IMG_8703Portland Montessori School,IMG_8681and Tiny Revolution Montessori School.IMG_8683Sunstone Montessori School‘s table asked each visitor to send a message in a bottle, and the notes will be shared on its website.IMG_8687(Two years ago Sunstone Montessori moved to the beautiful old Terwilliger School – see my post about it here.) The backdrop for Wednesday’s event was blue sky and gleaming office buildings. Here is the Infant/Toddler Classroom for ages 0-3:IMG_8696IMG_8700The Children’s House Classroom for ages 3-6:IMG_8690IMG_8689IMG_8695And the Elementary Classroom for 6-12 year old students:IMG_8701To learn about Montessori education and teacher training, people were gathered at this table, staffed by my former colleague and future teacher trainer (here in the black dress), Michelle Becka.IMG_8699The first glass classroom was organized by Dr. Maria Montessori in 1915 for the Panama Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco, where she also presented a series of lectures. This week’s event in Pioneer Courthouse Square was a wonderful tribute to her work, and showed how children today are still flourishing in Montessori classrooms. Note: For 20 years I taught in AMI Montessori classrooms in Oregon and Wisconsin, and am currently a member of the Sunstone Montessori School Board of Trustees.


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