Happy Pride

On Sunday, we went downtown to watch the Portland Pride Parade. What a life-affirming event! Some may find it to be 99% family-friendly, but it is 100% about families. This year there were more entries by large companies than ever before. Respect and justice are going mainstream. Yay!IMG_7337IMG_7353IMG_7354IMG_7325Safeway made a proud debut this year!IMG_7388Adidas employees kicked these huge soccer balls back and forth with the crowd.IMG_7333There was lots of talent, and they really engaged the audience.IMG_7517 IMG_7499The always-amazing Portland Gay Men’s Chorus is celebrating its 35th anniversary!IMG_7472Some very cool cars.IMG_7363IMG_7365IMG_7536IMG_7418IMG_7348The costumes, the hair, the make-up! And so many men in kilts!IMG_7539IMG_7490IMG_7483IMG_7432IMG_7279IMG_7281IMG_7438IMG_7326IMG_7544IMG_7482A local dragon boat racing team paddled by in unison.IMG_7366Here is Port of Portland Airport Maintenance taking pride!IMG_7392The Portland Public Schools assembly.IMG_7513Oregon Tradeswomen, Inc.IMG_7548Timbers Army and Thorns Rose City Riveters! PTFC!IMG_7458Politicians were there, naturally.IMG_7374Many faiths, “standing on the side of love,” were represented.
IMG_7359 IMG_7401 IMG_7511 IMG_7512 IMG_7360 IMG_7520IMG_7342 IMG_7506Speaking of love, there were dogs. Lovely pugs, pits, and everything in between.IMG_7508 IMG_7349IMG_7459Many, many families were there.IMG_7341 IMG_7328 IMG_7312Happy Pride!IMG_7522


One response to “Happy Pride

  1. Thank you for coming to the parade and for these amazing photos!

    Take care,

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