Stephens Creek Nature Park’s New Trail

The grand opening of a new trail and the dedication of the Raz-Baack Crossing and signage was cause for celebration this morning at Stephens Creek Nature Park.IMG_5847Here, Arnie Panitch, retired social work professor, Portland historian, and dedicated volunteer, admires the new sign.IMG_5852Coffee, cocoa, and treats were compliments of Portland Parks & Recreation.
IMG_5883Cameras clicked away as Trudi Raz-Frengle and Don Baack, President of SW Trails, provided a photo op.
IMG_5861Gaile and Don Baack.
IMG_5884The kiosk at the Park’s main entrance on Bertha Boulevard and Chestnut Street provides information about the Park – history, maps, trees, wildlife, and more.IMG_5872When it was time for the ceremony we walked down the stairs to the new trail. The older section of trail called Raz-Baack Crossing can be seen at the bottom of the stairs.IMG_5888Mike Abbaté, PP&R Director, spoke first,IMG_5896followed by Metro Councilor Bob Stacy and Portland City Commissioner Amanda Fritz. They each expressed thanks to the many volunteers and public agencies that made this project a success, and spoke of how investing in natural areas and creating recreational opportunities in the City is important to the quality of life here. IMG_5909 The man with the coffee cup and the woman with her arms crossed own Cortes Yard Service & Construction, the company subcontracted to build the trail. It was wonderful to have them here.IMG_5906Ribbon cutting time!IMG_5927Joy and celebration all around.IMG_5933 Then I walked the new trail. Look carefully to see Stephens Creek in the center of this picture.IMG_5941The trees hinted at Spring.
IMG_5916 This trail provides pedestrian connectivity to various destinations in southwest Portland. Walking this trail is often safer than walking along southwest Portland’s winding, sidewalk-less, streets. And, it is a great way to enjoy nature in the city.IMG_5948Well done! Beautiful trail! Thank you.IMG_5900

4 responses to “Stephens Creek Nature Park’s New Trail

  1. Thank you for sharing that. I hope to walk the trail soon.

  2. My greyhound loves this trail! I think that last curve to the sidewalk reminds him of the track, and he always stops then always bounds up the rest of the trail there. Of course, I love the new trail too. I’m sorry I missed the celebration, but thank you for covering it!

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