Yesterday when I came home from work the living room looked like this!IMG_3849K and J are home for a few days, and on this day J had decided to go through his stuff. At my request they both go through their storage boxes every couple of years. They find that some saved objects have retained their value over time, while other things that were previously meaningful have less importance now. As K and J get older, they look at lots of things more critically and objectively, and stuff is one of them.

It is a lot of work, going through stuff. It is helpful to have someone to help out.So Many BooksSomeone else can ask tough questions that we tend to avoid asking ourselves, like Do you think you’d want to read/wear/look at that again?IMG_3878Finding the answer takes time, space, and patience…Thinking…as each item is individually remembered and evaluated.IMG_3894And compared. And found a place for.Box of BooksAnd when that is done, you dig out another object to make a decision about.ThinkingJ sorted through many books.Books 3Tons of books!Books 2And…more books.Books 1It reminded me of Harry Potter.Lots of BooksThere were also clothes.ClothesSome t-shirts with great memories.IMG_3886Found art.IMG_3906Here is something J wore many summers when he worked as a lifeguard at Wilson Pool.Summer JobGod bless John Wayne and a family photo from 1993.Photo to KeepHmm – what to do with a lamp such as this one?HmmGoodwill will love it! The things J decided to save were carefully packed away.IMG_3888For another couple years or so.IMG_3881The recycling bin is full, and Goodwill is happy. The house feels spacious and lighter. And each storage bin is full of great stuff. Well done, J.


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