Festival of Flowers 2013

A few days ago at Pioneer Courthouse Square, I saw people setting out small pots of flowers in a pattern that had been outlined in chalk:IMG_2078And now, the 2013 Festival of Flowers is in full bloom! This year’s design is a tattoo, seen in this aerial view from the PCS’s Facebook page:Aerial View from PCS FBYesterday, I visited the Square again. The clouds had cleared, and it warmed up enough for some people to wear short sleeves.
IMG_2109Here is a closer view of the flower pots:
IMG_2092Most weekdays, weather-permitting, the square is inhabited by downtown office workers, street folks, school groups, and tourists. Yesterday there were many tourists as well as lots of families.
IMG_2103IMG_2087IMG_2115I spent a few minutes sitting in one of the plastic chairs scattered here and there. They did not look very comfortable, but they were.IMG_2096After a few minutes, a tiny parade came by.
IMG_2098IMG_2099Kind of funny to see this on one of the first days this Spring that we don’t need an umbrella.IMG_2100Maybe they’re practicing for the Grand Floral Parade next Saturday.


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