Parts of a Coffee Shop

I was an AMI Montessori guide for 20 years. In Montessori schools, students from three to six years of age use classified card materials to expand their vocabulary and reading skills. The sets of cards cover many topics. Parts of a Flower for example, has vocabulary such as calyx, pistil, stamen, and petals. Parts of a House uses the words door, window, wall, roof, and more. I thought I would bring a similar idea here, using the classification ‘coffee shops.’ I will describe some key components of my experience with independent coffee shops, and hopefully show the beauty of coffee-shopness here in SW Portland, Oregon.

Character Many coffee shops are located in places full of character and history.A Place with Character

Location Being located along a beautiful verdant street is not necessary, but a plus.Verdure

Open If you go, make sure the shop is open for business.Open

Welcoming The best places make people feel welcome and happy to walk through the door.Welcome 1Welcome 2Welcome 3

Shopkeeper Coffee shop owners are always knowledgeable and friendly, in my experience.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOwner 2

Barista The person making coffee is sometimes friendly, sometimes gruff. I try to soften the hearts of the latter by saying something in coffee-ese, such as, “I am looking for something with earthy undertones.” (Thank you for this suggestion, George.) But the barista shown below was most pleasant.Barista

Roast I always think the local roasts taste better, but it may be just my imagination.Good Roast

Choice Upon entering a coffee shop, there are many decisions to make.Choices

Food Another decision to make is whether you want something to eat.Something to Eat

Appointments Comfortable furniture is essential.TableComfortable AppointmentsCouch with Art

Art Objects of visual interest can inspire great thoughts. Typically, the music is measured, and not distracting.Sunlight with Art

Parking This woman found ample space along the sidewalk for her transport.Parking a Bike with Wagon

Children Many coffee shops show a special welcome to families.For Children

Dogs Dogs are not usually allowed in coffee shops, but there are things to do outside, too.Dog 1OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Treats While the dogs stay outside, they remain inside hearts. (Full disclosure! This picture was taken a few blocks outside of Southwest Portland.)Dog Treat

Accoutrements Shiny-clean and tidy is important here.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Table Lovely and inviting.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Read Sometimes the New York Times is available for anyone to look at. I usually take reading material with me.Reading Material and Food

Eyeglasses And my glasses.Reading Glasses

Time Coffee shops are often great places to think.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Productive And they can be good places to concentrate and be productive. I often take my laptop with me, because all coffee shops here seem to have internet access.Free Wi-Fi

Energy See through the furniture? Sometimes, this is how people decide which table to use.Power Outlet

Power Very important at times. Kind of like coffee for the computer.Connected 2

Community This coffee shop invites lots of folks to plug in and stay for a while.Connected 3

People If there is someone to go out for coffee with me, all the better.Good Company

Coffee Oh, then there’s that.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


2 responses to “Parts of a Coffee Shop

  1. That coffee shop look amazing. I wish I lived across the street! Calgary gets really OLD during the winter.

  2. It sounds like Portland may be a winter vacation destination for you, eh? Thank you for the comment!

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