Holiday Parade

The morning after Thanksgiving Day, I was at work when I heard the sound of a marching band outside my window. Even though it was pouring rain, I went out (morning break!) to see what was happening. At SW 4th and Washington, I saw umbrellas lining the street – it was the Holiday Parade.And there it was, the marching band, complete with drums and sousaphones.The Hillsboro High School marching band played beautifully. Its plucky color guard smiled warmly through the raindrops streaming down their faces. Well done.Normally, I would not care much about enormous cartoonish balloons, but their buoyancy was a nice contrast to the heavy dampness everywhere.This float reminded me of my old dog Stormy, who used to eat shiny glass tree ornaments, and only narrowly avoided any trips to Dove Lewis because of it.I think these folks were there with the fantastic Findley Elementary School unicycle club – or maybe they are wearing costumes under their coats?My favorite part was watching the warmth being distributed. In addition to the spectacle and the music, there were candy canes,and cocoa.This father attentively kept his daughter’s pink and purple umbrella over her head.My 15-minute break was over, and I returned to my office dripping wet and rejuvenated.


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