I have a high-efficiency wood stove in my family room. As a Neighborhood Emergency Team volunteer, I am extra aware that the natural gas and electric service that power my furnace could be unexpectedly interrupted at any time, so I am glad to have this alternative source of heat in the winter.

In September I again ordered firewood from Robert Carroll, owner of Rob’s Exotic Aqua Service. Apparently his main line of work is fresh and saltwater ponds, koi, aquarium sales and set-up, and Marineland Commercial Seafood Systems. Interesting to get such good firewood from a guy who whose main business involves so much water, but that is how it is. Rob arrived at the house (on time!) early one Saturday morning and started to unload the wood that had been neatly stacked and measured in the truck. This is one cord of wood.It took him at least 20 minutes to toss all the wood into a pile in the driveway.His  work was done.This is Rob.I asked about the hat, and he said he was in New York City on September 11, 2001.

The wood was a clean, dry mix of fir, a softer wood, good for getting a fire started, and oak, a hardwood that burns longer and hotter than the fir.Garry and I needed to move the pile of firewood down these stairs,and through the garden to the dry storage rack under the porch.Piece by piece.I felt like an ant wrestling an enormous crumb of food to my nest. We started by working away at the Western face.It was rewarding to see the progress we were making,as my arm muscles started to protest,and the sun rose higher in the sky,and as the woodpile shrank to almost……nothing.The firewood was stacked in its crib and neat as a pin.And I am ready for the cold, damp, gray months that lie ahead.My cat, Chicken, knows exactly what to do with a warm wood stove.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *

Our gray, rainy months are beautiful in their own way! I enjoyed an exploration of Portland’s ‘pluviosity’ here.


One response to “Firewood

  1. I love the feeling and smell of a good wood fire!

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