Hillsdale Food Park

Both an article in today’s Oregonian and the cover story of the October SW Community Connection feature Portland’s newest food cart pod, the Hillsdale Food Park. I already mentioned it here, but I want to show some pictures of the previously unremarkable corner at the entrance to Wilson High School on SW Capitol Highway, and its transformation to a community gathering spot.This summer the grass and weeds were removed, the soil was graded, and some odd-shaped areas were graveled. Also, some wooden walls were installed.Electricity and water connections were made easily accessible, and a space to store the trash bins was built.Some of the paths were covered with hazelnut shells.I was not sure what these were……until later. The structure now provides a stand-up eating area, and later will provide a covered dining space. Here is how the construction zone looked:The workers seemed to be skilled craftspeople.Here is another skilled craftsperson willing to have his picture taken this Summer day.In September, three food carts opened here. The bright yellow Violetta’s is the one nearest Capitol Highway.It features locally-sourced ingredients, and offers “Slow Food Fast.”The menu is on the window – hamburgers and fries are the predominant features.The Bavarian-style food cart is the home of Smaaken Waffles,owned by Tim and Melanie, here with their beautiful family this sunny day.Smaaken features some ways to eat waffles that you may not have thought of before.The artistic red one is the Radiant Life food cart.Owner Gary Evans (on the right) said he has put lots of “love and intention” into the menu.He uses seasonal, locally-sourced, and sustainably-grown ingredients as much as possible.For those of us on gluten-free, plant-based diets, Radiant Life offers many wonderful options. Comfortable eating areas are here and there around the carts.It appears that the Hillsdale Food Park, only a few steps away from Capitol Highway, will be useful to the bus and bicycle commuters.Credit for this interesting project goes to developer and local resident Richard Stein, whose vision and efforts are giving us a new way to experience Hillsdale. He said that he has chosen vendors who have expressed an interest in working with the neighborhood and with the high school students. Richard continues to work closely with the Hillsdale Neighborhood Association, Hillsdale Main Street, the Hillsdale Business and Professional Association, and Wilson High School to ensure that the Hillsdale Food Park is a good fit for all.  What a delicious idea.


One response to “Hillsdale Food Park

  1. nice post!!!!!!! how exciting. I can’t wait to check this out. it looks beautiful. crisp and colorful pictures. (p.s. i spotted dad in the crowd scene near the end!)

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