Timbers Clinic at Sunstone Montessori School

On our way home from JoLa Cafe this morning, Garry and I drove by Sunstone Montessori School‘s new home on SW Corbett Avenue.As you may know from my prior article, in September Sunstone will open its doors at the old Terwilliger School, a move made possible by years of careful planning by Sunstone’s administration and board.

Today there was a sign by the gate:So I stopped by, of course. Immediately I noticed how nice things looked with the tall grass mowed, and the sidewalks neatly edged.I felt special appreciation for how nice the campus looked because last Thursday I saw some dedicated volunteers working outside in the rain:Today as I admired the results, I saw someone in a soccer uniform setting up orange cones, as if for a practice.He introduced himself as Tomas, one of the coaches with the Portland Timbers Soccer Team Youth Academy. When I told him I was on the Sunstone board, he twice expressed appreciation for having the front lawn and the soccer field in such great condition for the players today.Adam Smith, Director of the Portland Timbers Youth Academy also expressed appreciation for the condition of the school grounds.Later I learned that the parents of one young player mowed the front lawn to make more space for the large number of children expected to attend today’s clinic.

Portland Timbers mid-fielder Charles Renken was there, encouraging and inspiring the players to do their best.It was a great and memorable day for these young athletes. Many thanks to all the volunteers who are working to improve the outdoor campus for both Sunstone’s students and the whole community to enjoy.


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