How To Wait For a Parade

Garry and I attended the 100th Rose Festival Grand Floral Parade yesterday. It started at the Coliseum in Northeast Portland at 10:00 a.m. but didn’t get downtown where we were until well after 11:00 a.m. What to do while we waited? I looked around and got lots of good ideas. So, here is my list of Things To Do While Waiting For a Parade.

Read a book.Read an e-book.Read the paper.Draw a picture.Play cards.Play backgammon.Play Uno and eat junk food.Eat a big sandwich.Have a Voodoo donut.Find your land legs and get a coffee.Stay warm.Stay warm in a space blanket.Stay warm with a friend.Stay warm and knit something to make you warmer.Warm up until you are radiant.Warm up with your dog.Love being together.Build a nest.Pack up your nest when the police tell you to do so. (For information about homelessness go here or here.)Fly your colors.Have your picture taken.Try to play a pretend guitar.Play in the street.Dance in the street.Catch some sleep.Be regal.Wear a funny airplane hat.Sign a petition to legalize cannabis,or to protest gillnetting.Chat with the Pendleton Round-Up President Dennis Hunt (right) and Board Member Larry Williams, but only if you are ready to be charmed by their geniality and warm smiles.Cover up……or don’t cover up.Talk, or don’t talk.Repent.Keep everybody safe.Buy a plastic horn.Take a picture of a friend who has just touched a horse for the first time in her life.Get the chairs just right.And make sure your camera is ready.Because it is almost time for the parade to begin.


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