JoLa Cafe

Early this morning my companion and I had coffee at the all-new JoLa Cafe, located in the historic Corbett Building on Southwest Corbett Avenue.I have two reasons to be especially happy about JoLa being right here and opening right now.

First, JoLa is only two blocks away from Sunstone Montessori School‘s new campus, a story I wrote about last week.Sunstone families and staff are the types of people who appreciate good coffee in beautiful surroundings, and I am sure they will enjoy this convenient place.

Second, I am glad JoLa is here because it is next door to one of my favorite restaurants, Corbett Fish House.The two establishments are neighbors in the historic Corbett Building, providing Portlanders with two good reasons to visit the South Portland neighborhood. (For more things to see and do in the South Portland neighborhood, go here and here.)

JoLa’s proud new owners are Brad and Jenny Quirie, who re-opened this coffee shop just yesterday.They enthusiastically serve Stumptown Coffee,and fresh, gluten-free pastries from Petunia’s.We arrived at JoLa just after 8:00 am when it opened.Prices are the going rate.There is lots of natural light, especially in the morning.I appreciate JoLa’s uncluttered, clean aesthetic, even with the small details:Fresh flowers make everything even better.JoLa had a steady stream of customers, but the line moved quickly due to efficient staff, and to Brad himself who was working this morning.And the coffee was excellent, by the way. Outside the JoLa Cafe were the regular Portland coffee shop things, a cyclist with a trailer,and dogs:Welcome, JoLa. I’m glad you’re back.Update 8/30/13: JoLa recently started opening earlier – 6:00 a.m. I am an early bird, so yay! To my knowledge there are only two coffee places in Southwest Portland that open this early – Jola and The Coffee Drop


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