Sunstone Montessori School

I spent 20 years as a certified Association Montessori Internationale guide. Montessorians prefer the word “guide” to “teacher”, because we believe the best education happens as students interact with the didactic classroom materials, and with one another in the mixed-age learning environments. The adult is there to “guide” the class by observing and monitoring each student’s individual progress, and by giving lessons that are carefully tailored to each child’s particular developmental stage, ability, and interest. To learn more about Montessori education, Montessori Institute Northwest and AMI both have excellent websites.

For the last three years it has been my honor to serve on Sunstone Montessori School‘s Board of Trustees. This group is comprised of some of the most talented, interesting people I have ever worked with. They are dedicated to providing families with an outstanding Montessori program that will serve Portland area students well into the future.

For many years, Sunstone has had to make do with two separate campuses. The Children’s House campus (3-6 year olds) is at the Multnomah Arts Center in Multnomah Village, and the Elementary campus (6-12 year olds) is near the intersection of SW Shattuck and Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway. Neither campus is big enough to hold all of Sunstone’s 158 students. This has been a hardship for parents who drop off children at both campuses every day, and has not been optimal for students who are transitioning to new academic levels as they grow.

Good news. All this is about to change.

After many years of searching for a suitable, affordable site, we found it. Last week Sunstone signed a lease with Portland Public Schools for the lovely Terwilliger School at 6318 SW Corbett Avenue, in the John’s Landing area.

It is located in an older neighborhood that is distinguished from many Southwest Portland neighborhoods by the fact that it has sidewalks.

The new Sunstone campus has a large open space in the front for gatherings, recess, picnics, music, and more:

There is a soccer field in the back.

Here is the future vegetable garden – a bit overgrown right now as you can see:

The back of the school has a large play area, part of which is paved for basketball and other games, and part of which is green space.

Here is one of the other play areas:

Now we get to work. There is much to do – walls, doors, carpeting, floors, bathrooms, paint, and more paint, in a very short time. School starts September 6th. We have volunteers, hope, and a vision for a great place for children to grow and learn. Stay tuned.


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