Lunch Hour: A Splash of Color

“More wind and rain in the forecast today,” per the radio. Dreary is simply how Portland’s weather is much of the time. Nobody expresses the gloom better than Portlandia herself:

So, I am on the hunt for something cheery this lunch hour in drippy downtown Portland. Through the mist at SW 5th Avenue and Hall, I saw a few splashes of color here and there worth noticing.

The Ondine Residence Hall at Portland State University was busy with hungry students on lunch breaks. It is located here:

As I approached the Ondine, I saw that it is in the same block as 5th Avenue Cinema, Oregon’s only student-run movie house, which displayed some colorful posters:

The entire wall along 5th Avenue is a work of art by Harrell Fletcher, called The Knowledge, a 127 x 20 foot mural depicting library books:

At the garage entrance was a bright sign:

The Ondine’s lobby featured this sculpture by Eric Tillinghast called Vertical Multichrome:

The Residence Hall Association displayed a poster encouraging resident participation:

The lounge area had a dash of color:

An unusual bicycle was parked just outside the building:

Outside the Ondine, another PSU residence hall is under construction. When I think of construction sites, I usually imagine earth-tone building materials: brick, stone, wood, cement, and steel. This vibrant project seemed quite different:

So I guess it’s not just another grey day.


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