Frodo and William

On Sunday I walked up to Food Front via the Wilson High School campus. The school’s mid-century buildings looked tired, but when the rain let up the campus grounds seemed to come alive. The Wilson Student Garden has been cleaned up and is ready for Spring planting:

It is a project of the Wilson Students for Environmental Action. They have created a local source for fresh produce, as well as a beautiful and inspiring destination for walkers.

Along the way I had the privilege of meeting Frodo, a lovely neighborhood Corgi, and his owners:

And I met the friendly and amazingly brilliant William, and his loving owner:

So I started thinking about humans’ desire to interact with plants and other animals, and how we find ways to meet this need in urban settings.

I humbly admit that I am not drawn to wilderness experiences: I strongly prefer to stay warm and dry, I do not care to share personal space with spiders or their less-silky ilk, and I don’t carry weapons. Also (as a rationalization?) I try to avoid casual car trips to remote destinations that are being loved to death by well-intentioned humans. So, maybe urban “nature” is enough for someone like me. I am delighted to have opportunities to experience “nature” in the City, by finding sunny spaces to grow vegetables, and by including domesticated animals in my household.


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