Six Lunch Hours

A six-day work week, and six lunch hours in downtown Portland.

Monday At 715 SW Morrison, in the lobby of the Pioneer Park Building, I contemplated a mixed media piece by Portland artist Margot Voorhies Thompson, whose work has been featured at the Laura Russo Gallery:

Tuesday I walked down SW 6th Avenue, past the Judge Bybee protesters. Jay Bybee was U.S. Assistant Attorney General 2001-2003, and then was appointed to the 9th Circuit of the U.S. Court of Appeals by George Bush. He and Deputy AG John Yoo authored what are commonly called the “torture memos“. These writings re-interpreted the Geneva Convention Against Torture, paving the legal way for the military and CIA to use “enhanced interrogation” techniques, including waterboarding, sleep deprivation, binding people in stress positions, and more. This small group of dedicated people is out here often, and some are veterans:

Wednesday Every week or two I wander through Pioneer Place. Today I stopped at the Apple store to look at the new iPad, but they won’t get it until March 16th. There was a sizable lunch crowd on the lower level:

Thursday Janssen Kuhn brilliantly performed music by Bach at O’Bryant Square. I was unable to learn anything about him online, or I would include a link here. He is very nice to talk to, and definitely worth a listen:

Friday There is a nearly permanent queue at Voodoo Doughnuts. I don’t understand anything about waiting in line to buy doughnuts. There were families with strollers and impatient children, office workers there on their lunch hours, as well as seniors. The line was very slow moving. I could imagine the person at the very front of the line, in the tiny shop, ordering doughnuts at the counter: “I’ll have a Bacon Maple Bar, a Dirt Doughnut, a Maple Blazer Blunt, two Fruit Loops…no, make it three so the kids don’t argue, and a Dirty Old Bastard. Is that a dozen? Oh I get five more? I’ll take a …”. This is clearly an event that people voluntarily participate in, but it does not look like any fun to me:

Saturday At Pioneer Courthouse Square, some Kumoricon cosplayers (these are two brand new words for me) provided quite a contrast to the hundreds of Girl Scouts listening to an enormous sound system spewing Justin Bieber songs. Here are the gentleman cosplayers:

And the ladies:

Downtown Portland, always a treat.


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