Lunch Hour 3: February Flowers

Today I walked up to Portland State University to look around. The weather was nice for this time of year, and students were outdoors, visiting with friends, laughing, talking. Couples were holding hands. People were standing in cheerful queues at the food carts. As I turned around to head back to my office, I walked down this sidewalk:

The above shows how it looked to the West. I turned around and looked East:

The little planting strip next to me contained something I have not seen in months: plants in bloom. Nothing too showy yet – I almost walked right past them – but so gorgeous. I think this is an Oregon Grape:

I believe these are camellias:

I have no idea what these next flowers are. Some were pink and some white. The flowers themselves faced downwards:

I put the camera under one and faced it toward the sky. So if you were an ant, and happened to look up, this is what you would see:

And it’s only February.


One response to “Lunch Hour 3: February Flowers

  1. beautiful post! and I love that last photo of the flower from ant’s view 🙂

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