Out on the Town – Klovn and Korkage

I had the pleasure of seeing Clown The Movie at the Portland International Film Festival last night. It is a Danish comedy that,  as one reviewer put it, “pulls few punches and shies from even fewer taboos.” I laughed and blushed for the duration. It was good to see the movie with a companion who is open-minded and has a great sense of humor, because later I enjoyed our lighthearted discussion of the movie and its normally forbidden topics. Clown (“Klovn” in Danish) will play only once more in Portland, tomorrow night.

On our way home we stopped at the Korkage Wine Bar in Hillsdale. Its unlikely location is between a hair salon and a yoga studio in a small mid-century strip mall:

The parking lot was almost full, and we barely squeezed through the crowd to get to the bar. We chose the Oregon Pinot Noir wine tasting. For $10 per person, we juxtaposed these four works of art:

The person who served us – I suppose he is a sommelier? – was extremely knowledgeable about wine, and shared many details about the specific vineyards and the growers. For example, one grower who is allergic to wasps amusingly placed a beautiful sketch of the insect on the label and named the wine “Vespidae”. I could actually taste the buzz.

And there was live music. It was standing room only, but despite the elbow-to-elbow jostle, I took a picture:

The performers were an a capella group called The Sandals.

They gave out CD’s free of charge, with all donations going to the Hillsdale Main Street project:

So this is an homage to Hillsdale. Its business district may not be commonly associated with a vibrant nightlife yet, but it seems to be coming along splendidly.


2 responses to “Out on the Town – Klovn and Korkage

  1. What an excellent service you are providing! While people visit Korkage from all over, many of them reside in SW Portland. New customers who gleefully find their way to us in Hillsdale often comment on the need for more destinations and activities in west side neighborhoods beyond downtown and the Pearl. Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm and inspiration for the area – and for your thoughtful review of Korkage.

    We’ve been working hard to provide an ambient west side neighborhood venue for live original music and we are fortunate that there are such amazing musicians like The Sandals, in the area who are partnering with us in that endeavor. The full music calendar can found on our website. Note: Most of the time it isn’t standing room only and you can leisurely sip your wine. The Sandals are extra-special. 🙂

    As far as the wine tasting goes, that is one example of a flight which we change-up every week. We typically feature 6 wines in a lineup – often featuring local vintners that are not mass distributed, as well as personal selections from around the world. My business partner Chef Earl Johnson, demonstrates an exceptional palate and is formerly a professional chef who taught at one of the top hospitality schools in the country and was a New York restaurateur.

    Thanks again!
    Tamairah Boleyn
    Korkage Owner

  2. Hello Tamairah – Thank you for this thoughtful response. I looked at the music calendar – very interesting. It looks like I’ll have to stop in again very soon – Lynn

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