Great Food Front Catering

When I notice something unusual or extraordinary in Southwest Portland I like to shine a light on it. Doing this makes me see things in new ways, and more fully appreciate the place where I live. So it is not just shameless advertising to say that I love Food Front in Hillsdale!

On Tuesday evening I had a board meeting at Sunstone Montessori School, for which it was my turn to bring dinner for nine people. I was busy and didn’t think about the dinner until Monday evening after work, when I walked into Food Front and spoke to Jorge. Do you cater? Yes. Could it be ready by 5:45 pm tomorrow? Yes. What do you recommend? Jorge gave me some things to sample. I decided on tri-tip, spanakopita, a green salad with balsamic vinaigrette, and fresh bread. I bought wine, mineral water, and butter to go with it, and I was done. The next evening I picked up the dinner, drove to my meeting, and laid it out on the table. This is how it looked:

Everything tasted great, and looked lovely. Food Front’s food is mostly organic and as locally sourced as possible. So, in addition to getting a great dinner at a moment’s notice, I also contributed just a bit to a more sustainable community. Thanks, FF.


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