Willamette Park with Family Fishing (hover over photo to see caption)

Docks at Willamette Park

This sunny and very warm (for mid-January) morning, I went for a walk in Willamette Park in the South Portland Neighborhood. This park is typically busy in the summer months. And today almost felt like summer with joggers, hikers, cyclists, families, and dogs everywhere. At the end of my walk around the park trails, I ventured out on one of the boat docks. These are floating docks, and with motor boats out on the river, the walkway surface was gently bobbing in their wakes.

I smiled, pointed to my camera, turned a palm up, and shrugged a shoulder, non-verbally asking, “may I take your picture?” Sure!

To the North is a beautiful view of the South Waterfront and Downtown Portland. The water is high, as can be seen by the water level on the vegetation. Looking East (below) is a row of houseboats.

The segments of the dock are articulated, kind of like a MAX train. The two sections of dock bob independently, and it put me a bit off balance~

At the end of the dock people were fishing. They were all boys and men, apparently three generations of a family. I said hello, and it seemed that the only ones who spoke English were the youngest ones. It sounded like they were speaking Russian, but I was not sure. After a minute or two, one of the younger ones caught something. I pointed to my camera, and the answer was “yes” and smiles.

He held up the fish for me to snap a picture.

He passed the fish to his brother to remove the hook. They saved the fish and said they would eat it.

Moments later, the “grandfather” caught a fish, and held it up for a picture.

Maybe I brought them luck? Or maybe they caught a fish a minute all day! I left after the second fish, so I don’t know.


One response to “Willamette Park with Family Fishing (hover over photo to see caption)

  1. I wonder what kind of fish they caught?

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