Village Hut in the Multnomah Neighborhood

Village Hut on Capitol Highway in Multnomah Village

While I have not eaten at this little restaurant (only because I rarely go out to eat), I have heard a number of people rave about the food, so I am most happy to make the Village Hut a topic here. I stopped to look because I was enticed by its colors on this mid-winter afternoon, as well as its unique design. Southwest Portland is sprinkled with oddly-shaped little buildings that seem to have been built specifically for oddly-shaped leftover little parcels of land, and this was one of them. Just as I walked by, a friendly young man stepped outside to put some chicken on the grill, so I paused for a few pictures.

Grilling Chicken

The Grilling Area

Window Next to the Grill


A Private Little Outdoor Dining Area

There are several areas (both indoors and out) to sit down and eat, such as this small outdoor deck. I thought about the person who looked at this little plot of ground that might typically contain a piece of shrubbery, and envisioned its greater potential. S/he transformed it into a cozy, private outdoor dining room. Another bit of place-making in Southwest Portland.

The specials were on two boards by the front door, and there were more inside.

A Tiny, Well-Organized, Charming Indoor Space

The Two Chairs in the Ordering Area


Hot Sauce

Zither (I think)

Looking Up

Brew Sign

The Village Hut in Mid-Winter with Lucky Lab in the Background


3 responses to “Village Hut in the Multnomah Neighborhood

  1. this place looks awesome! I’m gonna take Henry there next time he’s in Portland.

  2. Yes, I’m sure he’ll enjoy it! Thanks for reading, Kate. And check the ‘About’ section….

  3. I’m getting hungry! Yum Yum!!

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