Stephens Creek Natural Area in Winter

Trailhead and Interpretive Center

Stephens Creek Natural Area Trail Head and Interpretive Center

SW Trails worked with the City of Portland Parks Department to build this beautiful section of trail connecting Hillsdale and Multnomah Village, called the Raz-Baack Crossing. It is part of the Hillsdale to Lake Oswego Trail, and serves as a key safe route to school. The government entities said it was a $900,000 project that could possibly be funded within ten years. But SW Trails, which supports biking and walking in SW Portland, designed and built this trail themselves. With fund-raising help from the Raz family, SW Trails volunteers completed the project in six weeks for less than $10,000. For additional information on trails in SW Portland, go here.

Stairs hand-built by volunteers.

Bridge over Stephens Creek.

Stephens Creek.

Stephens Creek in the winter.

Mossy rock on forest floor.

A friendly note from Fred this winter, back at the Stephens Creek trail head.

2 responses to “Stephens Creek Natural Area in Winter

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  2. I had no idea this was here!!! Thanks for the heads up 🙂

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