Downtown Portland in Winter

In downtown Portland in winter, the bare trees provide some interesting new perspectives. The relationships among the buildings become apparent, and architectural details can be viewed in larger contexts.

6th Avenue.

Multnomah County Courthouse.

Portland Art Museum terrace.

Clock seen from Pioneer Courthouse Square.


One response to “Downtown Portland in Winter

  1. What a great post! I think about this all the time- how different seasons show different sides of the city. I think that tree branches in winter are one of the most beautiful sights. As are the transitions between seasons. It’s very interesting how the natural world interacts with the human-world, like tree branches against architecture. It reminds me of a line from “Midnight in Paris,” when Owen Wilson’s character comments on cities as art…how a changing city is like a piece of art in itself. I wrote about this concept a bit ( Thanks for your post!

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