Amy Joslin Memorial Eco-Roof at the Multnomah Building

Looking out the window at the eco-roof.

The Amy Joslin Eco-Roof at the Multnomah Building. While this is in Southeast Portland at the east end of the Hawthorne Bridge, it provides wonderful views of my subject, Southwest Portland, Oregon. Eco-roofs provide a variety of environmental and financial benefits, per Wikipedia:

  • Reduce heating (by adding mass and thermal resistance value).
  • Reduce cooling (by evaporative cooling) loads on a building by fifty to ninety percent.
  • A concentration of green roofs in an urban area can reduce the city’s average temperatures during the summer.
  • Reduce storm water run off.
  • Create natural habitat.
  • Filter pollutants and carbon dioxide out of the air which helps lower disease rates such as asthma.
  • Filter pollutants and heavy metals out of rainwater.
  • Help to insulate a building for sound; the soil helps to block lower frequencies and the plants block higher frequencies.
  • If installed correctly many living roofs can contribute to LEED points.
  • Provide agricultural space.
  • Dramatically increase roof’s life span.
  • Increase real estate value.

View to the south.

Looking toward the South Waterfront district.

View of downtown Portland.

Looking north, with the Fremont Bridge in the distance.

About Amy Joslin.

Eco-roof terrace.


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