An Entirely New Blue

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On Wednesday I visited the Portland Art Museum’s newest exhibit: Hand and Wheel: Contemporary Japanese Clay. Among other things, it contains a small display of porcelain ware in the style called seihakuji. In this work I saw a portion of the electromagnetic … Continue reading



On a street corner in downtown Portland yesterday, I was approached by a young man wearing jeans and a well-worn jacket. Pleadingly he asked, “Is she still down there? Down by the food carts?” He tossed a pointed finger in … Continue reading


Black and White Stripes

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So many women are wearing horizontal black and white stripes! A long time ago I learned that horizontal stripes should be avoided, and it is taking me some time to un-learn this. Their current ubiquitousness is allowing me to shed … Continue reading


House Colors

In Southwest Portland neighborhoods, most houses are painted neutral colors.Sometimes there are variations – soft blue, green, or deep red.What I have learned from talking to people, is that even the most neutral colors have been chosen with tremendous deliberation … Continue reading


Montessori Glass Classroom

On Wednesday I visited the 2014 Montessori in the Square. The exhibit featured three working, open-air Montessori classrooms, an amazing thing to see here in the boisterous heart of downtown Portland. I enjoyed the juxtaposition of people waiting for noisy MAX … Continue reading



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The new Apple store on SW 5th and Yamhill Street interacts with the city in some interesting ways. The silver ceiling floats on glass walls that sometimes reflect the city… …and sometimes are transparent. It feels like an open air … Continue reading


Happy Pride

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On Sunday, we went downtown to watch the Portland Pride Parade. What a life-affirming event! Some may find it to be 99% family-friendly, but it is 100% about families. This year there were more entries by large companies than ever before. … Continue reading