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The new Apple store on SW 5th and Yamhill Street interacts with the city in some interesting ways. The silver ceiling floats on glass walls that sometimes reflect the city… …and sometimes are transparent. It feels like an open air … Continue reading


Happy Pride

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On Sunday, we went downtown to watch the Portland Pride Parade. What a life-affirming event! Some may find it to be 99% family-friendly, but it is 100% about families. This year there were more entries by large companies than ever before. … Continue reading



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Democrat or Republican? Black or white? Christian or not? Meat-eater or vegan? Friend or foe? It is important to be able to quickly assess another person’s values and intent – it is a survival skill. Making these determinations is quick … Continue reading


The Tunnel Has Been Gray-Painted

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On April 8, the SW Grover Street pedestrian tunnel was decorated with drawings and poems:On Monday April 14 I walked there again,and it looked like this:The graffiti had been covered with gray paint! And the day goes on as always.There … Continue reading


Tunnel of Poems

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Yesterday I walked from downtown Portland to the South Portland Neighborhood, passing through a pedestrian tunnel that goes under Naito Parkway, connecting First Avenue to Water Avenue. The tunnel follows the curve of Grover Street, a noisy cement habitrail where cars scurry to … Continue reading


Stephens Creek Nature Park’s New Trail

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The grand opening of a new trail and the dedication of the Raz-Baack Crossing and signage was cause for celebration this morning at Stephens Creek Nature Park.Here, Arnie Panitch, retired social work professor, Portland historian, and dedicated volunteer, admires the new … Continue reading


Top of SW Thirty-Seventh Avenue

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Driving through the Hayhurst Neighborhood yesterday, this interesting fence caught my eye because it was made of pipes.I got out of the car for a closer look.It was painted to match the house. Each fence post was topped with a … Continue reading