Standing with Struggle

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I just read this article describing how five members of the St. Louis Rams football team walked on to the playing field today with their hands in the air, a gesture that now means, “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” as a show of … Continue reading


On Wednesday Everything Was Art

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Two days ago, on the day before Thanksgiving, I noticed that downtown Portland had been transformed into an art museum. There is always a lot of wonderful public art to see downtown, but two days ago art was everywhere, total … Continue reading


An Entirely New Blue

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On Wednesday I visited the Portland Art Museum’s newest exhibit: Hand and Wheel: Contemporary Japanese Clay. Among other things, it contains a small display of porcelain ware in the style called seihakuji. In this work I saw a portion of the electromagnetic … Continue reading



On a street corner in downtown Portland yesterday, I was approached by a young man wearing jeans and a well-worn jacket. Pleadingly he asked, “Is she still down there? Down by the food carts?” He tossed a pointed finger in … Continue reading


Black and White Stripes

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So many women are wearing horizontal black and white stripes! A long time ago I learned that horizontal stripes should be avoided, and it is taking me some time to un-learn this. Their current ubiquitousness is allowing me to shed … Continue reading


House Colors

In Southwest Portland neighborhoods, most houses are painted neutral colors.Sometimes there are variations – soft blue, green, or deep red.What I have learned from talking to people, is that even the most neutral colors have been chosen with tremendous deliberation … Continue reading


Montessori Glass Classroom

On Wednesday I visited the 2014 Montessori in the Square. The exhibit featured three working, open-air Montessori classrooms, an amazing thing to see here in the boisterous heart of downtown Portland. I enjoyed the juxtaposition of people waiting for noisy MAX … Continue reading